Vitec FSH60 FS-H60 Proxy Recorder - HDMI Input

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Focus Enhancements FSH60 FS-H60 Proxy Recorder - HDMI Input

Available Q2 2013

Specifically designed for video professionals & the FS-H Proxy Recorder makes it easy to integrate proxy recording into your everyday workflow. Attach the FS-H Proxy Recorder to your professional camcorder and record proxies while you're recording high-res video. When your recording is complete & your proxies are ready to share instantly. With a wide range of proxy recording formats available & proxies can be instantly edited & streamed & and uploaded to video sharing websites or viewed on portable devices.


Proxy Recording for Professionals

Whether it is used as a companion to a professional high-resolution cameras or as a stand-alone device, the FS-H Proxy Recorder makeis it easy to record hours of H.264 video on removable SDHC cards.  Pair the FS-H with a professional-grade camcorder and while the camera records high-resolution video, the FS-H generates proxy files that correlate to the camera's footage, down to the frame.  Best of all, proxy files are ready to use instantly and can be edited, streamed, uploaded to video-sharing web sites, and even viewed on portable devices, such as smartphones and tablets.  The FS-H can also be used with other video sources, such as switchers, POV cameras, broadcast streams, and VTRs for quick and easy proxy generation.

Flexible Formats and Inputs

The FS-H Proxy Recorder uses H.264 encoding and supports a variety of industry-standard wrappers, including MP4, QuickTime, and MXF.  The FS-H line features three models, each designed to work with a specific input - composite, HDMI, or SDI.  HDMI and SDI versions feature a loop through feature making it easy to integrate into existing production workflows.  The SDI version also includes optional timecode burn-in to the recording.

Extended Recording Time and Long Battery Life

Designed to record on rugged, removable, and inexpensive SDHC media cards, the FS-H series is engineered for long recordings.  In fact, you can record an astounding 650 hours of proxy video on a single 32GB SDHC card - the FS-H also accepts 8GB and 16GB cards.  With its removable LI-ion battery, that delivers up to three hours of recording time on a single charge, the FS-H is designed to go the distance.


Features that Deliver

Affordable, Flexible, and Easy to Use
Input compatibilityCompositeHDMIHD-SDI
Flexible camera-mount options; includes a camera mount cradle
Proxy compatibility with popular smartphones, tablets, and computers
Loop-through; signal to be sent to other devices HDMIHD-SDI
Correlate proxies with corresponding high-res content
Upload content directly to Vitec media asset management solutions, such as ProxSys and EZTV
For more detailed techincal information on the FS-H Proxy Recorder Series, please view ourdata sheet  


Engineered for Portability, Durability, and Ease of Use

The FS-H Proxy Recorder packs a wealth of functionality into a sleek and durable package that is the size of a deck of cards and weighs only five ounces.  Affordable, flexible, and easy to use, the FS-H meets the quality standards that video professionals demand - from operational ease to reliable recording to instant sharing.

Designed to Deliver Proxies at the Recording Stage

The FS-H Proxy Recorder makes it easy to share proxy files instantly.  Unlike high-res content, which has to be transcoded before sharing, the FS-H Proxy Recorder enables you to share proxy files immediately - no conversion or extra encoding steps are required.  Simply connect the FS-H to your computer via USB 2.0 connection or insert the media card into a card reader, and transmit your proxy files to video sharing web sites, such as YouTube, Market 7, Media Silo or to media devices, such as iPhones or WD TV.  It's that easy.

Workflow Made Simple

Recording Formats





Bit Rate

Apple TV MP4/MOV/M4V 5Mb/s1280 x 720
iPod High MP4/MOV/M4V 1.5 - 2.5Mb/s  640 x 480
iPod Standard MP4/MOV/M4V 768kb/s  320 x 240
P2 Proxy High MOV 3 - 4Mb/s  960 x 540
P2 Proxy Mid MOV 1.5Mb/s  640 x 360
P2 Proxy Low MOV 800kb/s  480 x 270
XDCAM Proxy MXF 1.5Mb/s352 x 288/352 x 240
PSP MXF   480 x 272
HD MP4/MOV/M4V 5Mb/s1280 x 720
SD MP4   480 x 368
HD MP4/MOV/M4V 1920 x 1080
H.264 BL (HD-1) MP4 250 - 500kb/s352 x 576/352 x 480
H.264 BL MP4 250kb/s  320 x 480
H.264 BL (SIF) MP4 100kb/s352 x 288/352 x 240


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