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Why making use of a camera tripod is crucial for fantastic results

Whilst they may look basic, a dedicated tripod is one of the most powerful tools available to unlock the potential of a camera or camcorder. Tripods have been used across the last three centuries and have been viewed as an essential accessory, capable of providing many benefits when used correctly. A tripod is ideal for photography and filming as it will unlock the potential of many digital devices as the camera or camcorder won’t be compensating for and battling against instability. A lack of ‘camera shake’ will enable the camera to record with greater focus, depth and precision.

TNP Broadcast has available outstanding tripods from names such as Trix and Vinten, as well as a large array of tripod parts and add-ons; such as tripod dollies, tripod stabilisers and tripod heads. We’re dedicated to making sure that you can set up the exact shot your project demands, which is why TNP Broadcast is the number one place to shop for all of your tripod needs.

How to set up a tripod for filming and photography

Make sure to first make use of the top sections of the tripod first, as the larger section legs are more stable and give less flex than the smaller, lower sections. The last thing anybody wants is a wobbly tripod in difficult conditions. If you have a lower-end tripod, try to avoid using the center section if you can, this is generally the least stable component of a standard tripod. In higher-end tripods, this center section should be rigid enough that this isn’t an issue. As is usually the case in setting up digital video equipment, adjust to your individual needs and be extremely aware of the limits of your equipment. Speaking of conditions, make sure that the tripod is sheltered in unfavourable weather conditions and that the legs are on stable terrain. If stable ground isn’t possible, make all efforts to secure the legs either by wedging them into the ground or using another securing mechanism. For those looking for a powerful and cost-effective camera to pair with their tripods and grips, head on over to TNP Broadcast’s leading range of superb DSLR cameras.