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Streamstar TOUCH Surface controlled solution

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Versatile and extremely cost effective touch control streaming video switcher.

Upgradable system for your future growth.

A robust, extreme performance, professional streaming video production switcher.

WEBCAST TOUCH is a no-compromise, professional, multi-camera streaming production switcher. 1080 streaming, full HD recording, Replays and Slow motion, graphics, DSK, instant media playout, playlists, audio mix … everything included.

Operated from a fabulous 23″ touch screen WEBCAST TOUCH gives you total control over every aspect of your live production.

With the 3 year warranty on all hardware and free software upgrades it is the ultimate professional streaming solutions on the market.

A streaming producers’ dream machine.

No SDI out

- 5 live video inputs (4 cameras + 1 DVI)

- instant replays on all cameras (optional)

- slow motion on all cameras (optional)

- 23″ HD touch screen

- 3 switching/mixing modes

- DSK – 2 layers of graphics overlays

- unlimited media playback

- complex media playlist and playout system

- PIP screen layout templates

- Split Screen layout templates

- external signal ingest with transparency keying –

Skype, Facebook, Google maps, Power Point

- full featured audio mixer

- HD touch screen and interface with multiview

- tablet based, touch screen operation

- built-in encoder

- streaming platforms (CDN) integration

- full HD recording for post production

- stream recording

- replays recording on all cameras for post production (optional)

- 2nd display multiview grid

- HDMI video out

- multi system PAL / NTSC




WEBCAST offers a wide range of different streaming options. The streaming parameters are completely adjustable. At the top end of the range, it is capable of the highest quality HD streaming at 720p and a data rate of 10 Mbps.


WEBCAST is the only streaming solution available with an integrated replay/slo-mo system. It allows the instant capture of replays in 3 different lengths. Replays are immediate available for insertion into the Program Out. The lengths of each can be set to suit the needs of your production. Replays offer variable frame rate playback and can be controlled on the fly, ranging from slow motion to fast motion. The motion ratio of the replays playback can be set individually for fast motion and slow motion part.

The replay/slo-mo system incorporates another Webcast unique feature, particularly useful for monetization. A sophisticated replay playback system that uses custom made lead in/out animations called “wipes”. Every time a replay is cut/switched to PG Out, a lead-in wipe is used as a transition. At the end of the replay, or when the replay is cut/switched out of the PG Out another lead-out wipe is used as transition. This is particularly suitable for placing advertising messages, sponsor logos, product visuals and similar commercial content. It is an ideal method to display commercial content within the streaming production, without disturbing its flow. It also is a great way to generate additional revenue for the producer. A wipe usage statistics are available for precise overview and invoicing


The GUI of WEBCAST is designed to be operated by the built in full HD touch screen. A keyboard and a mouse can of course be used.


The experience of many years of broadcast television production work, as well as thousands of webcasts in recent years, made us realize that the old school way of switching did not suit the modern, fast paced webcasting production situations any more. An update was needed!
We designed a more efficient way of switching, streamlined for modern webcasting production. Easy to operate and instantly familiar to the new, digital native generation of media producers.
There are 3 modes of operation.
1. DIRECT CUT – tap on a camera or media preview and the cut is done.
2. CROSSFADE – same as above except the transition is executed via a crossfade of adjustable length.
3. TRANSITION – the cut is accomplished via one of the provided transitions/wipes. By default a choice of most commonly used transitions is available. Length of the transitions is adjustable. Transitions can be easily modified or custom made to suit your production needs.


Included in the Webcast package is the highest quality 4 HD SDI video capture card. No cheap cards are used in our systems! We are convinced that our customers will appreciate our dedication to quality.


An additional DVI-IN video input, that enables the insertion of a signal from an external source, like a notebook. PowerPoint, Keynote presentations, PDF files, computer screens running other applications Skype, Facebook, Google maps, or any other media sources on external systems. Also used for the insertion of the output from STREAMSTAR SCORE+™, our optional realtime sports scores generation application for all major sports. The background can be keyed to obtain transparency.


Functionality that enables the insertion of the 3 video layers above the camera layers. Called DSK in “old school” broadcasting systems.
1. DVI IN layer – for insertion of external signals (described above)
2. GRAPHIC OVERLAYS layer – for insertion of graphics or animations, supporting transparency
3. LOGO layer – for the insertion of a production logo, or a bug animation, supporting transparency.
INSERTS are operated from a sophisticated INSERTS management section of the GUI that allows a visually complex production.


Functionality that enables the insertion of graphics, animations with transparencies or a logo/bug into a video layer on top of the camera layer. The image/animation files are loaded into two banks, ready to be used in the production by the standard tap/click on its preview. The functionality is turned on/off by the main switch in the Inserts section.


The WEBCAST software application offers a sophisticated video clips playback and management system. This enables the user to:
- load an unlimited number of clips to be available for use in the production
- set clips parameters and options
- preview clips, set loops, control audio, organize, sort and reorder, assign clips to complex playlists.


The many different media that are available for use within the WEBCAST system can be assigned to complex playlists. Those are used as blocks of content that can be switched to the PG Out as a whole. The parameters and content of the Playlists is controlled by a very flexible management system, which allows the user to create sophisticated programming blocks with a few taps/clicks. The system is extremely powerful and the applications are endless. Typical use would be programing blocks like, “the best of…”, in sports, commercial breaks, music videos or blocks of any kind of prerecorded materials to enhance live webcasts.


At the heart of the WEBCAST Live production system is our own proprietary, built-in H.264 encoder, capable of direct streaming to many popular streaming platforms. A selection of profiles are available to be loaded. All parameters can be modified, or new custom streaming profiles can be created from scratch. Newly created custom streaming profiles can be stored for future use.


1. For archiving or post-production purposes the production PGM OUT can be recorded to the internal or an external drive in HD quality. A choice of formats are available.
2.The Stream can be recorded simultaneously at the quality set in the streaming settings.
3. All replays on all cameras are recorded. A set of 4 camera files for each replay is recorded internally into a specified directory.


The system supports both PAL and NTSC standards. Cameras of both standards can be used. This is very important when it comes to choosing the streaming settings since you can work in 720p at 25/50fps or 30/60fps. Once you chose the standard of operation for your project, only the relevant settings will be available.


A full featured audio mixer, with all the standard functionality, faders, controls, level indicators, and everything the user could possible need, is implemented in the system. It gives the user complete control over the audio side of the production.


Functionality that enables the PIP and Split screen (SS) display. Predefined PIP/SS setups and styles are supplied by default. An intuitive content management procedure populates the individual PIP/SS parts. The finished PIP/SS setup can be either switched to PG Out, or saved for repeated use. The parameters of the appearance of the PIP/SS setup (borders, line weights, colors, shadows) are controlled from within the settings section, and changes can be applied Live. The functionality is accessed as a part of the top Switching section of the GUI.


An additional 2nd monitor HDMI output is provided to enable either, the hookup of a control monitor/LED screen, or to send the PG Out to other video distribution systems. It can be set to display the PG Out, the camera grid, or a combination of both.



WEBCAST TOUCH includes everything a multi-camera streaming production needs. It is perfectly capable of handling most of the typical streaming production situations and easily upgradable, so you are not limited by anything and you can gradually expand your streaming system as your business grows.

With the 3 year warranty on all hardware and free software upgrades it is the best choice of all streaming solutions on the market.

It comes with a fabulous 23″ touch control surface, which makes the operation of the renowned WEBCAST user interface a blast.

Streaming production under your fingertips.

Live Video Input

  • 4 simultaneous HD/SD SDI live video sources
  • 1 DVI IN external desktop capture with keying

Media Sources

  • 4 simultaneous digital media sources for video & graphics playback
  • unlimited video clip library with instant switching access
  • supported formats:  â€.mp4″, “.m4v”, “.wmv”, “.mpg”, “.mpeg”, “.ts”, “.avi”, “.flv”
Live Video Output
  • 1x HD/SD live streaming
  • 1x DVI/HDMI Output (Program Out/4cam multiviewer/Grid of all Inputs & PGM Out)
On screen multiview
  • All live camera inputs
  • Program Out
  • Media sources
  • Playlists
  • Replays
  • Overlays
  • PIP/Split Screen
Video Switcher/Mixer
  • Intuitive switching/mixing of video sources
  • Direct Cut
  • Crossfade (adjustable duration in ms)
  • Transitions/Wipes (selection of 9 popular transitions with adjustable duration)
  • Instant automated switching at source selection
Instant replays
  • One touch/click capture of replays
  • Instant playback after capture
  • 3 variable replay length presets
  • Replay range 3 – 20 seconds
  • Adjustable default speed of replay playback
  • Adjustable replay playback speed ranging from 20 to 100% of original speed
Media / Video Clip Playback
  • Media library and management system
  • Unlimited number of media sources
  • Preview function
  • Instant access for switching
  • Assignment to playlists
  • Auto-play on transition
Media Playlists
  • Complex playlist creation and management system
  • Unlimited number of PL
  • Media assignment to multiple PL
  • Media looping functionality within PL
  • PL content editing
  • PL sorting
  • Favorites marking
  • Auto-cut at end of the replay
Insert Graphics
  • Graphic overlays system - 2 banks of 5 slots for images or animations for instant switching
  • Logo insert
  • External desktop DVI IN
  • In/out animations for replays
  • Background image (to avoid black screen in case of a camera signal loss)
  • Transparency support
Screen Layouts
  • 18 predefined layout templates – 9 PIP and 9 Split screen
  • Configurable appearance, borders, shadows, positioning*
  • Content assignment system
  • Insert text templates (set position/font/size/color)
  • MPEG video and audio
  • HD 720p @ 18Mbps
  • SD 576p @ 8Mbps
  • HD/SD live streaming
  • Presets in up to HD 720p
  • Multiple CDN’s and streaming platforms supported
  • Local recording of streamed content
  • FLASH support
Audio Inputs
  • Various audio codecs supported
  • Integrated audio card supported
  • Various audio cards supported (external or internal)
  • Embeded SDI audio support (4 channel)
Audio Mixing
  • Integrated audio mixer for all audio sources, outputs, stream
  • 4x SDI embedded audio
  • 1x AUX send
  • 1x Media playback
  • 1x Headphones monitoring
  • 1x Line Out
  • 1x Master Out – L/R faders for individual levels setting
  • Audio crossfade function when switching video source
Supported Input Resolutions
  • HD: 720p50, 720p59.94, 720p60, 1080PsF23.98, 1080p23.98, 1080PsF24, 1080p24, 1080PsF25, 1080p25, 1080PsF29.97, 1080p29.97, 1080PsF30, 1080p30, 1080i50, 1080i59.94 and 1080i60
  • SD: 625/25 PAL, 525/29.97 NTSC, 525/23.98 NTSC
Supplied Video Input Card
  • SDI – quad port HD/SD SDI high performance capture card
  • DVI IN – one input DVI capture card


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