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Skaarhoj Micro Series - Micro Audio Ethernet Controller

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These controllers focus on a single, narrowed down task which makes them perfect as interfaces for untrained operators, as a remote controller on your camera rig or a small monitor device squeezed into a crack between other bulky devices in your OB van. The SKAARHOJ Micro Series is the worlds smallest, wired, all-included Ethernet controller series. All devices offer PoE (Power over Ethernet) as an option which allows you to connect only a single ethernet cable for both power and communication. This makes it extremely simple and handy to connect and use these devices. Everything is included in the box, it will communicate directly over IP with any device we offer protocols for, just connect ethernet and power. The units are configurable through the standard SKAARHOJ web interface as well and programming and firmware upgrades are done via a standard micro-USB cable. The various types below are described with their standards shipping software installed, but in the usual SKAARHOJ style you can ask us to reprogram them as you like (or do it yourself!) to do any other thing you can imagine. That’s the beauty and freedom of Open Source and SKAARHOJs customization services. Size 9.2 x 5.7 x 2.6 cm.

This is a basic ATEM audio channel volume control. The channel being controlled is set up in a web interface and can include any video input or channel you can also access in the ATEM Software Control panel. Additionally you can turn a channel on/off or set it to Audio-Follow-Video. The small LED will indicate the audio level on the channel; green, yellow and red indicates the level and if it’s off, there’s simply no audio. In it’s simplicity, this “Micro” is the missing and simple audio controller you needed for your ATEM Switcher!

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