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Skaarhoj Iris control for B4 Lenses x2

Product Code: 2 x ATEM-B4 Link Micro
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Iris control for B4 Lenses

Extend the functionality of the SKAARHOJ ATEM CCU or ATEM CCU Lite panel with an ATEM-B4 Link Micro to control iris on a B4 lens. With this great add-on you now get the best of both worlds – full camera control together with iris control for your favorite analog B4 lens.

With the ATEM-B4 Link Micro you have the power to control iris on an analog B4 lens mounted on the URSA Mini and Studio Camera series from BlackMagic Design. You connect the lens via the Hirose 12pin connector (see details below), which provide power to the lens and let you adjust iris via the ATEM CCU or the ATEM CCU Lite. Camera number is selected via the selector switch - we even managed to provide preview tally via the 3-pin phoenix connector! Please note the ATEM-B4 Link Micro is an upgrade of the well know ATEM-B4 Link, and it inherits almost all of the same features. The ATEM-B4 X model is no longer available.

Hirose 12-pin connector

Tiny form factor

Set camera number via selector switch

Preview/program tally information from small LED on both sides

Preview tally from 3-pin phoenix connector: Ground, IO, 12V (VIN)

Test mode for iris and preview tally - see video

Completely self contained unit with SKAARDUINO inside

Tested to work with a 100m CAT5e cable.

Durable enclosure with blue anodized aluminum plates

Compatible with Studio Camera series and URSA Mini

100% Creative Commons/Open Source design (CC-by-sa or GNU/GPL)

Dimensions: 5.2 x 5.6 x 2.5 cm

Weight: 0.080 kg

Selector Switch Functions

Selector switch 1-8 = Camera 1-8

Selector switch 9-C = Deactive

Selector switch D = Test mode

Selector switch E = Reset calibration to factory default

Selector switch F = Calibration (will find iris end points)

The Hirose 12pin connector supports most B4 lenses, but it’s your own responsibility to check that your particular lens has the features described below. Two example pin outs are given to the left from manuals for cameras and lenses, so you should be able to look up and check similar information for your lens.

The SKAARHOJ ATEM B4-Link Micro box will:

  • Pass on the DC 12V input to the lens with GND going to pin 3 and 12V going to pin 6
  • Adjust the lens iris with an analog value between 2.5 and 7.5V going out on pin 5 (output to lens)
  • Read back the iris position as an analog value from pin 7 (input from lens)
  • Enable iris adjustment from the B4 Link box by pulling pin 6 to 5V through a 10 K resistor. To turn of iris adjustment, it will short pin 6 to ground
  • Notice: The lens may have a “Manual / Auto” button which must typically be in Manual for this to work. In auto you may find that the lens always adjusts the iris to whatever value it receives from the B4 link box

Please be aware you might expect vignetting depending on your lens, the sensor size and the type of mount adaptor used. SKAARHOJ takes no responsibility in this regard. Check with your camera/lens supplier.

The ATEM CCU or the ATEM CCU Lite are required as base stations. Two ATEM CCU Lite controllers can work together to operate up to 8 cameras. The ATEM CCU can also operate up to 8 cameras. The ATEM CCU can be used as an master station simultaneous with a ATEM CCU Lite controller. Iris adjustments made in the Software Control Panel will be reflected on the ATEM-B4 Link Micro (CCU or CCU Lite still required).

The ATEM-B4 Link Micro will work on cameras other than the BMD Studio Cameras, but only for iris control.

What you get is:

  • Fully Assembled ATEM-B4 Link Micro
  • Web Interface
  • 12V Power Supply
  • Networking cable
  • USB programming cable
  • Manuals and Software: See
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