Rotolight Spectrascope lighting tool including leather pouch and keyring

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The Ultimate Lighting tool, analyse any light source to reveal its colour spectrum, peaks and missing bands, to allow you to correct and accurately control your lighting on set or location. 

An absolutely vital device for Photographers , Cinematographers, lighting technicians and anyone working with light.

A light with a high ‘Colour Rendering Index’ (CRI > 92) has a “full” colour spectrum which looks like a continuous rainbow with no colour spikes (Vertical Lines) or missing colours (Dark Areas or Gaps).

A bad colour spectrum could include vertical lines indicating colour spikes or peaks, combined with dark areas indicating missing colour bands. Althought your eye may automatically adjust for colour spikes or missing colour bands, your camera can not, and this may result in hours of post-production or colour correction.

Use the Spectrascope to identify the problem bands, then apply filters to correct your lighting accordingly. For example, you could correct a green spike with a magenta (minus green) filter. Using lighting with a high CRI such as the Rotolight Anova will help avoid these problems.

- The ‘Ultimate’ Lighting tool on Set, Studio or Location

- ‘See’ and correct potential Lighting / Colour problems

- Potentially saves hours of costly post production

- Ideal for cameraman, cinematographer or photographer

- Includes leather pouch and key chain.

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