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Pixel2media P.CORDER 130 Mobile Studio Kit Wireless Type E Presentation recorder, lecture recording

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P.CORDER 130 Mobile Studio Kit Wireless Type E Presentation recorder, lecture recording

P.CORDER 130 + 7" LCD monitor + Panasonic HD Camcorder + 8 GB USB memory stick + PTX130A microphone transmitter body pack + PVT901 "ear hanger" microphone  + aluminum carrying case + tripod for camera + all required cables and power supplies

Welcome to the home of the P.CORDER, the presentation recorder. It is a compact system optimized to record your presentation with ease. Just press the record button of the remote control and it captures two video feeds (the presenter and his/her presentation) and merges them into a single video. When you are done with recording, just unplug the USB stick and upload the video to your website or Youtube.

Recording of a presentation

The P.CORDER is an easy to use recording appliance for the whole experience of a presentation or conference. It captures the audio and video from a presenter’s notebook and camera and composes it into a rich media presentation in real time. The single video file is recorded on a USB memory stick. The video may then be uploaded to the corporate website or a video platform such as Youtube. 

  • live video composing of 2 video sources 
  • (camera and notebook)
  • live audio mixing of 3 audio sources 
  • (microphone, line in and notebook)
  • custom background image with live graphic overlay 
  • supports Windows, Mac OS, iOS, Linux and Android

please call to check for availability, usual delivery time 2 weeks

Camera Input

Please connect an analog or digital camera to the composite or HDMI video input of the P.CORDER.

Composite Video Input

The composite video input is a 3.5 mm jack with 4 contacts for connecting line in audio (stereo) and composite video:

Tip: audio line in (left channel)

1st ring: audio line in (right channel)

2nd ring: composite video in

sleeve: ground

A short adapter cable with a 3.5mm plug on one end and three RCA jacks on the one end is supplied with the P.CORDER. It is ok, to just plug in a stereo audio cable. In this case the composite video in will be shorted to ground (no video input). The composite video input accepts a PAL or NTSC video source.

HDMI Video Input

The HDMI video input accepts the HDMI video output from various video sources such as digital photo cameras (DSLRs), digital  consumer camcorders and professional video cameras. To may be challenge to find an appropriate low cost video source with a clean and high resolution (HD) video output, as many consumer devices only put out video on the HDMI port during playback. However for the P.CORDER you need to supply a live video. So the camera needs to be in "standby" or in record mode.


In respect of their HDMI video output, the DSLR cameras can be put into 4 categories:

many older models only put out video during playback. For normal applications this type of camera is useless, as you want to supply a live video of the presenter.

new models now support a live video out during record. This type can be used but imposes some short comings. Many models do not put out clean video, as this mode is targeted to supervise the recording process. The video has an overlay of various symbols or icons and show a record indicator. European models for import tax reasons record a maximum time of 30 min. This possibly shortens your presentation recording time, if you would like to record longer presentations.

some new models also put out live video while they are not recording. This is much better, as there is not limitations on the recording time. But the video possibly gets overlaid with a black border around the video and icons and symbols.

some new high end models are designed for external video recording. They behave like a professional camera and put out a clean HDMI video with no compromises. These cameras are the perfect choice for recording with the P.CORDER.

The categories 2 and 3 are widely spread but have some compromises. However the P.CORDER has functions build in, so these cameras can be used with very little compromise.

Video Input Processing

The P.CORDER offers 3 stages of input processing. The first stage is de-interlacing. As further stages require progressive video (such as 720p or 1080p), any interlaced video input such as 480i (NTSC), 576i (PAL) or 1080i must first be de-interlaced to convert the video to progressive video.

The second stage performs scaling. Typically the recording template specifies a relative small video window for the the presenter video. Typically it is 240x320 or 320x480. HD cameras however have a much higher resolution of 720p (1280x720) or 1080p (1920x1080). If you want to maintain the viewing angle of the camera, then you would scale the video down to the vertical resolution of the the target video window, in example 320 or 480 lines. As the aspect ratio of the input (16:9) should be maintained the output resolution of the scaler should be 426x240 or 568x320. 

Alternatively the scaler may be set to a higher output resolution to get the effect of a digital zoom. In this case the final cropping stage will reduce the video to its target size. Also the cropping stage can remove any unwanted content such as borders, frames, symbols and icons.

The camera video has 1080p (1920x1080) resolution. First it is scaled down to 1280x720, which keeps the 16:9 aspect ratio of the camera video. Next the video is cropped down to a size of 320x480. This region is marked by the red rectangle in the scaled image. The final cropped image is then composed into the template.

Key Advantages

  • No software installation required (no "screen capture") - recording in hardware
  • Supports any presentation device (Windows, Mac OS, iOS, Linux and Android)
  • Installation on-site in seconds - just plug in notebook, video camera and microphone(s)
  • No post production required - record and upload to website or video server
  • Add excellent audio to your presentation recording with no additional audio equipment
  • Auto detects all relevant video standards (for camera and microphone)
  • Provides great flexibility for personalizing your recording or adding your brand recognition

Key Features

  • Video inputs: 2 high definition video inputs for notebook and camera (HDMI, VGA or analog composite)
  • De-interlacing, scaling and cropping on each video input
  • Video composer: video inputs are composed into one video based on user defined templates (add logo, headline, branding, text and graphics)
  • Video outputs: one HDMI output is used for camera monitoring, one HDMI output is used to feed the composed video to a live streaming encoder, one HDMI or VGA output is used for pass through of the presentation to a projector
  • Video splitter to feed notebook input to projector output is integrated
  • Audio inputs: 4 high quality audio inputs for 2 microphones (consumer or professional) and line level stereo, and HDMI embedded digital audio
  • Audio mixer: all audio inputs are adjusted and mixed by a built-in audio mixer
  • VU meter: perfect control over live audio levels via 3 stereo meters on the front panel
  • Audio delay: an adjustable audio delay line restores lip synchronicity
  • Record many hours of high definition video to inexpensive external USB stick
  • Compact unit fits into every brief case and works out of the box
  • Silent operation (no fan and moving parts)
  • Live control via IR remote control or USB keyboard

P CORDER 130 Technical Specification

  • HDMI video In (SD and HD: 720p50/60, 1080i50/60, 1080p24/25) with embedded digital stereo audio
  • VGA video In (via adapter cable to HDMI Port) from 800x 600 to 1440x900
  • Composite video In (PAL and NTSC ) with analog stereo audio (-10dBV, impedance: 7 kOhm)
  • Very high quality de-interlacer, scaler (square pixel correction) and cropping (remove any icons and borders of non-clean HDMI outputs)
  • Automatic detection and adaption of presentation size to window size
  • 2 professional balanced mono microphone inputs (-60 to 0 dBu / max. 0,775Veff, impedance: 6 kOhm) with two ¼” (6.3mm) TRS jacks - balanced with 48V phantom power
  • HDMI video output with embedded digital stereo audio (SD and HD) for playout of composed AV video for further processing (e.g. connect to video encoder for live streaming of the event)
  • Stereo headphone output (6.3mm) TRS jacks (16 - 600 Ohm) for audio monitoring
  • 2 HDMI video outputs for LCD projector or monitor with embedded digital stereo audio (SD and HD) for preview/pass-through of notebook, camera or composed AV video
  • VGA output for projector (feed through of selectable AV input or composed AV video)
  • Recording format: H.264/AAC compressed .mp4 file: bandwidth from 64 kbps – 15 Mbps with any video size from 640x360 to 1080x608 (1600x900 after firmware upgrade) and audio bandwidth 16 to 256kBit/s, programmable resolutions and frame rates
  • 10/100 Ethernet: control and configure system through integrated web interface
  • Audio delay line 0 to 0.3 sec for audio to video synchronization
  • Integrated 6 channel stereo mixer with 6 LED audio VU meters
  • USB 2.0: record to USB mass storage device (USB memory stick) for several hours of continues recording
  • 4 channel 2.4 GHz digital wireless microphone receiver built-in, CD quality, range 15m (P.CORDER 110 only)
  • RTSP Streaming H.264/AAC from 64 kbps – 15 Mbps with any video size from 640x360 to 1080x608 (1600x900 after firmware upgrade) and audio bandwidth 16 to 256kBit/s, programmable resolutions and frame rates
  • Compact brushed steel housing: 265,5 x 137,5 x 27 mm
  • optional 19" rack mount bracket available
  • Power: 12V / 13 W (external 100 .. 240V AC adapter)
  • Silent operation: no fan and no moving parts
  • Engineered and manufactured in Germany
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