Our Team

We have a great team at TNP with a collective experience spanning over a century. We try to stay on top of the new technology, so that if you have any questions we can give you the answers you’re looking for and even some trade secrets. Each member of our team has a specialist field; we cover all the bases whether it be microphones and mixers, cameras and lenses  or satellites and communications.

Even in a market jammed full of options, our sales team should be able to find the right solution for you at the right price. A phone call to our sales support team can help clear things up in your mind so you know you’re making a safe investment in any equipment.

Our engineering team has a broad range of experience ranging from tape decks to cutting edge IP technology. We are an authorised repair centre for many major broadcast manufactures; this wouldn’t be possible without experienced personnel with in-depth knowledge and extensive training. 

Our systems integration team are the ones who keep their finger on the pulse. We make sure we’re up to date with all  the changes in technology so we can put together a system that is future proof.


  • Howard Rose
    Howard Rose Managing Director
  • Debbie Rose
    Debbie Rose Director
  • Jason Shepherd
    Jason Shepherd Technical Director
  • Oliver Hunter
    Oliver Hunter Sales Manager
  • Chris Willson
    Chris Willson Account Manager
  • Chris Trill
    Chris Trill Account Manager
  • Tony Gill
    Tony Gill Account Manager
  • Pawel Wierciszewski

    Pawel Wierciszewski
    Website & Marketing Manager

  • Gary Benjamin
    Gary Benjamin Broadcast Engineer
  • Lukasz Szymona
    Lukasz Szymona Broadcast Engineer
  • Steve Clarke
    Steve Clarke Logistics Manager
  • Snoop
    Snoop Head of Security