Magenta Research MAG-2320006-01 MAGENTA VOYAGER VG-RX2-MM ISA

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Voyager HDMI/DVI receivers are available in two-port (VG-RX2-MM-HDMI) and four-port (VG-RX4-MM-HDMI) iterations, and accept video from any Voyager transmitter (HDMI, DVI, VGA or component). HDCP-protected video is supported and these receivers are rated for 1920x1200 uncompressed video signals, to distances of 6,600 feet over multimode fiber.

One multimode fiber-optic module is included with each unit. Additional modules can be ordered to daisy-chain Voyager receivers (increasing distribution options). Up to 10 (or more, depending on distance and the specific type of fiber being used) Voyager receivers can ultimately be daisy-chained together.

When using an HDMI source, embedded HDMI audio is also sent through the Voyager transmitter to the receiver and outputted to a display via a HDMI connector.

The new Voyager HDMI-SRx module can be used with both two and four-port cores. This module takes video from any Voyager transmitter and outputs one of 29 different stored  video resolutions. A 30th resolution can be custom configured by the user. When operating in its default mode, and connected with a display, the SRx scaling receiver will automatically read EDID information and configure itself in order to output the screen’s preferred resolution.

Singlemode fiber optic modules supporting longer distances (4KM and 30KM) are also available from Magenta.

A power supply is also included.

  • Single mode or multimode fiber
  • SRx-HDMI (optional) module scales video to one of 30 different resolutions
  • Two-port (VG-RX2) and four-port (VG-RX4) functionality
  • Uncompressed multi-format video at 1920x1200
  • Daisy-chain capability with full bidirectional signal support
  • Advanced EDID management and HDCP compliance
  • Supports embedded HDMI audio
  • Units ships with one (1) multimode fiber optic SFP module


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