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Lighting is, and always has been, one of the most important aspects of television and video production. Without lighting, there is no image. The very word ‘photography’ comes from the Latin words ‘photos’ and ‘graphia’, which roughly translates into ‘drawing with light’. Good lighting is critical for good video. At TNP Broadcast we totally understand this. The way we see it is like this – you need three essential ingredients to produce great video images: good subject matter, good composition, and good lighting. If one of these ingredients is missing, the results will be poor or just plain lacklustre video images. 

TNP Broadcast is at the forefront of professional lighting for television and video. Our lighting expertise is second to none and our knowledgeable staff have been advising clients on lighting, both prosumer and broadcast professional, since the early 1980s. 

During this time lighting for television and video production has changed and has come a long way. Back in the 1980s lighting was fairly limited to the big and bulky Fresnel lighting equipment. During this time (and still in use today) the weapon of choice for budget lighting were the famous Redhead and Blonde, aptly named because of their colour. 

Today, lighting equipment has come on in leaps and bounds. With modern cool running fluorescent equipment such as the superb quality Kino Flo Diva-Lite for example, and compact lighting equipment such as the ever popular Dedolite, not only can we light our sets without giving the talent sunburn, but we can also do it more efficiently with compact portable lighting equipment that is quick and easy to set up and pack away. 

Whether you're looking to shoot an independent feature film, a corporate video presentation, an MTV music video, or television commercials, today's advanced lighting equipment will allow you to carry out these, and other types of productions more easily than ever before. The lighting equipment most suitable for you will depend on several key factors. TNP Broadcast can introduce you to the many different types of lighting fixtures and equipment available on the market today, from the old-fashioned Redhead to professional industry standard broadcast units such as Arri, Dedolite, Kino Flo and everything in-between. 


Whether it is hard lighting, soft lighting, tungsten/halogen, HMI, fluorescent, LED, Redheads, Blondes, Fresnel, or any other type of lighting, TNP Broadcast and our lighting experts will listen to your lighting requirements and suggest the right lighting kit for the job.