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When you turn to the subject of lenses, we are entering an entirely new world with a whole new language. You could almost do a degree on the subject of lenses. For some reason, whenever the conversation turns to lenses, especially in the professional sector, things tend to get a little scientific i.e. coatings, fraction, focus pumping, barrel distortion, definition, fringing, the list is endless. When it comes to lenses, TNP Broadcast understand all there is to know, but we keep the language simple when advising clients who have not done a degree in lenses and lens science. 

We can advice you on most lenses including: 1/3rd, ½, ¾, PL mount lenses, photographic stills lenses and adaptors, prime lenses, zoom lenses, specialist lenses and many more. Whatever the focal length, aperture, size, type, we can advise and supply the right lens or lenses for you. 

Lens technology and the science of optics have improved in many areas over the decades, but the basics of lens technology are similar today to how they were originally designed many years ago. 

As with other broadcast equipment, some manufacturers insist on blinding the customer with lens science. We can clarify most of the lens talk in easy to understand language. Is there really any difference between high-definition lenses and standard-definition ones? We can answer this and many other technical lens questions that you might have. We have a dedicated testing lab with various lens charts, scopes and computer equipment for thoroughly testing and checking lenses. If a manufacturer of any given lens says in the brochure that the lens has a resolution of 800 lines, we can confirm or de-confirm this as we have the means to test and check – scientifically. 

But, there is more to broadcast lenses than simply chart testing. The flip side to this coin is shooting with the lens in the real world. Shooting real 3D objects in a real world environment in various lighting conditions, both inside and out, is the only real way to check and test a lens for optical quality, resolution, fringing, barrel distortion, fraction and the like. Quite often, a lens-testing chart won’t show you the half of it. In fact, although at TNP Broadcast we have thousands of pounds worth of lens testing equipment, we think it is a rather limited and crude way to check a lens for optical quality. So, when a client demands, we simply do both. 

Choosing your optics for your camera wisely now, will save you many frustrations in the future. It’s important to match the lens to the camera, the lens to the job and the lens to your working style. Of course, resolution and high definition optical lens quality goes without saying. 


Whatever your broadcast lens requirements, we have many years’ experience, with expertise in abundance. Call us soon to see how we can help you with your next lens purchase.