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The name Ikegami is renowned throughout the historical development of broadcast camera and monitor technology. For over twenty years, Ikegami has responded to market demands for new and innovative technology. Best known for their performance, colour brilliance and unwavering reliability, ikegami have grown to become undisputed leaders in the engineering and design of broadcast equipment. ikegami are now known worldwide for their cutting edge television cameras, computer display monitors any many more contributions to the broadcasting industry. ikegami now boasts a rich history as pioneers of broadcast technology, unsurpassed by competing brands and recognisable for distinguishing highlights such as the introduction of the first portable and practical colour television camera and the first ever fully electronic computer-controlled studio camera. Perhaps best known for their high quality, lightweight and reliable field cameras, ikegami revolutionised the broadcast and video production industry. This technology was developed from their beginnings in early broadcast designs for studio and measuring equipment for both television and radio.

With the implementation of transistors in their broadcasting equipment, ikegami became a pioneer of the age of electronic news gathering by introducing the first portable hand-held television camera. Since then, the demand for these high spec field cameras has continued to grow and push the boundaries of technological breakthroughs. In addition to their innovative camera technology, ikegami have acquired a superior reputation for producing high-resolution monitors. Research and development is integral to Ikegami’s video technology, and it’s this driving passion for excellence that has won ikegami two Emmy Awards to Outstanding Achievement in the Science of Television Engineering. This excellence translates into their extensive range of video camera and monitor products available from TNP Broadcast.

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