Ikegami HDK-970A 16-Bit Full Digital 3G HDTV Multi-Format 3CCD Camera System

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HDK-970A/970AP is a top of the line in 16-Bit Full Digital 3G HDTV Studio / EFP Camera System. It combines the highest picture quality, functionality and reliability. The camera supports 3G-HDSDI 1080p (59.94 / 50 Hz) wide-band video processing as a standard feature for the highest picture quality. Both the single and dual link output are available in connection with CCU-970 and BS-97 Camera Control Units and Base Stations. Integrating Ikegami’s advanced picture processing technology with digital processing technology maximizes the effect of 16-Bit A / D conversion, increasing gradation in dark areas where the processing is performed for more natural reproduction of dark colours.


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Supports high-band 3G-SDI (1080p59.94/50Hz) video output
The camera supports 3G-SDI 1080p (59.94/50Hz) wide-band video output as a standard feature for higher picture quality. The single and dual link output is available with CCU-970/BS-97 camera control unit/base station supporting 3G-SDI signal.

2 times slo-motion (1080i 119.88/100Hz)
Switchable for live and slo-motion picture with one camera. It is possible to get a slo-motion picture without changing the camera positon. (Option)
*The simaltaneous output for live and 2 times slo-motion picture is now under development

Native support for 23.98P
The camera supports not only 23.98Psf, but also 23.98P in native (Option)

Supports custom gamma
Various kinds of gamma curve can be flexibly set by users

Newly developed 2.3 Mega pixel progressive sensors
New 2/3-inch 2.3 Mega pixel 1080 progressive CCDs are employed to support not only the usual 1080i 59.94/50Hz 4:2:2, 720p 59.94/50Hz 4:2:2 1.5G formats, but also 3G formats such as 1080p 59.94/50Hz 4:2:2 and 1080i 59.94/50Hz 4:4:4. (50Hz formats are option) Futhermore, 1080p (23.98Hz), 1080i (119.88/100Hz), 1080p (29.97/25Hz) are available as an option.

Newly developed FPGA
Using mass memory type FPGA, 45um design rule, the video signals are digitized with 16-bit A/D conversion to achieve the highest possible picture quality.  

The camera supports various HDTV formats of 1080p (59.94/50Hz), 1080i (59.94/50Hz 4:2:2, 4:4:4), 1080i (119.88/100Hz), 1080p (29.97/25Hz) and 720p (59.94/50Hz), achieving flexible picture representation.
* 23.98P, 50Hz formats and 1080i (119.88/100Hz), 1080p (29.97/25Hz) are option.  

16-bit full digital
Integrating Ikegami's advanced picture processing technology and digital processing technology maximizes the effect of 16-bit A/D conversion, increasing gradation in dark areas where the processing is perfromed for more natual reproduction of dark colors.

Two HD-SDI outputs from the camera head
Two HD-SDI output signals (1.5G) are selectable among Camera, VF, RET and MON (monitor) for external monitoring at the camera head.
* HD QTV is added to the line up of selectable HD SDI signals when the optional HD QTV (Video Trunk) module is installed in the CCU.

2 Channels QTV (Option)
Two channels of QTV output (VBS) are available as an option for prompter and external monitoring purposes.
* 2 channel QTV is option in 50Hz and not available operating at 720p/50Hz.

HD SDI Trunk (Option)
When the camera is operating in a conventional 1.5G format, a second 1.5G video from an external source can be transmitted to the CCU as a video trunk channel. For POV or 3D applications this will reduce the cables which need to be run.

Lens Aberration Correction function
The Lens Aberration Correction function is newly incorporated for minimizing the blur and colored edges caused mainly by lens chromatic aberration.


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