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Ikegami HDK-79GX 16-bit Full Digital HDTV Portable Camera Head

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The HDK-79GX is a state of the art full digital HDTV camera with superior picture quality and high reliability for studio and field HD production. The HDK-79GX incorporates a newly developed FPGA together with advanced full digital process ASIC to achieve outstanding picture performance. This camera is designed from the start based on 16-bit A/D and matching 16-bit DSP to maximize the benefits of high bit quantization. Especially for the dark areas of the picture, the higher gradation for gamma and other circuits improves the reproduction, providing for more natural color in the shadow areas of the picture.

*Camera head only acessories sold separately.

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  • 2/3-inch 2.3 Mega pixel AIT CCDs
    2/3-inch 2.3 Mega pixel AIT CCDs are employed to achieve 1000 TVL horizontal resolution with excellent signal to noise ratio of 61dB at F10 (1080/59.94i) or F11 (1080/50i) sensitivity.
  • Docking style camera body
    With a docking style camera body, either an FA (Fiber Adaptor) or TA (Triax Adaptor) can be mounted depending on the use.
  • 2 Channels QTV
    Two channels of QTV output (VBS) are available for prompter and external monitoring purposes. The AUX OUT (VBS) connector can be assigned to QTV-1, QTV-2, or Main video by menu. Note:BS/CCU should support 2 channels of QTV (Option: FA-97/BS-97 or CCU-970 VIDEO TRUNK, HD-QTV available)
  • Advanced features made possible with digital technology
    Master Gain Control, Variable Color Temp., Custom Gamma functions are newly incorporated by using advanced digital technology, providing favorable images with flexible adjustments.
  • Camera Operator Assist Functions
    There are two types of camera operator assist functions incorporated in the HDK-79GX camera head. The viewfinder detail(VF DTL) function allows the camera operator to increase the detail edges to the viewfinder video for easy-focusing. In addition, the Quick EZ Focus (Focus Assist) function is newly incorporated useful tool, providing very distinct enhancement to the viewfinder edge signal to enable the camera operator to make critical focus adjustment.
  • Lens Aberration Correction function
    The Lens Aberration Correction function is newly incorporated for minimizing the blur and colored edges caused mainly by lens chromatic aberration.
  • Triple Layer Filter (ND/EFF/ECC)
    The triple layer filter system can be remotely controlled from OCP/MCP. The three layers are ND (100%, 25%, 6.2%, 1.6%), EFF (Clear, Cross, Snow, Foggy), and Electronic Color Compensation (ECC: 3200K, 4300K, 5600K, 6300K, 8000K). In addition, there is the Variable Color Temp. function that enables the camera operator to variably control the color temperature from 2,000K to 20,000K for more precise adjustment at ease.
  • SE-H750 System Expander
    The SE-H750 System Expander enables the use of the 9-inch viewfinder and full studio lenses with the HDK-79GX, converting the portable camera into a full facility studio camera. Installation of the camera into the SE-H750 is easy, and conversion back to portable configuration is quick for maximum operating flexibility.
  • Digital Extender
    The HDK-79GX features the Digital Extender function that instantly goes up to 4x to enlarge the image at the center of shot without any loss in image sensitivity. * It will reduce the resolution of the image.
  • Sophisticated Camera Control Panel System
    There are two types of camera control panel systems, each with a wide range of camera control capability. The conventional OCP allows direct and quick control of various camera parameters using dedicated buttons on the panel. The OCP-200 / MCP-200 Network based control panel system allows any OCP to control any camera with assignment set at the OCP itself. System wiring is simplified with control of up to 96 cameras via a single coax cable between CCU locations and video control locations. The OCP-200 and MCP-200 include touch screen LCDs. The depth-of-control of the OCP-200 can be selected from basic to complete to fit the customers' operating discipline. Conventional one by one camera control connection is also available with the OCP-200.
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