Grass Valley PC3 ProCoder 3 The Ultimate Format Converter

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Our ProCoder® 3 software combines speed and flexibility into a streamlined video conversion tool. Widely acknowledged as the leading software transcoder & it features extensive input/output options & advanced filtering & batch processing & and an easy-to-use interface.

Whether encoding MPEG video for DVD production & producing Windows Media for streaming or transcoding between NTSC and PAL & ProCoder software makes video format conversion quick and easy. With it you can encode a single source to multiple targets simultaneously & run multiple conversion jobs back-to-back in batch mode & or use drag-and-drop preset icons to start conversion with a single click.

The ProCoder 3 software has an array of high-performance features & including a design that efficiently leverages the power of your CPU & broad codec support & local and networked use capabilities to fit your workflow & and queue management to ensure your jobs are performed in just the right order.

Key Features

    * Professional high-speed, high-quality encoding and conversion of video to all popular formats, including MPEG-1, MPEG-2, Windows Media, QuickTime, and more
    * Microsoft Windows XP and Vista compatible
    * Grid encoding for MPEG-2 (transport stream, program stream)
    * Support for multiple CPUs within one PC (including quad-core)
    * Watch folder function for automated encoding
    * Job queuing manager with priority functions
    * Stitching of multiple source files to create a single file
    * Multiple color-space support including YUV and RGB
    * Aspect-ratio and NTSC/PAL conversion, frame-rate interpolation, and automatic adaptive deinterlacing
    * 3:2 pulldown and inverse telecine
    * Multi-pass VBR processing
    * Full HD support for MPEG and Windows Media
    * VOB file and DVD-video image creation with chapter points
    * Save droplets for quick, drag-and-drop conversion
    * Separate audio import/export options including multiplexing and audio mapping
    * Export plug-in for Grass Valley EDIUS® nonlinear editing software
    * Includes presets for Blu-ray authoring software

Source Formats

    * Grass Valley DV
    * Grass Valley HQ
    * Microsoft DV
    * H.264
    * AVCHD
    * Dolby Digital
    * Video for Windows codecs
    * DirectShow codecs
    * QuickTime codecs
    * MPEG-1, MPEG-2
    * Macromedia Flash (video only)
    * Windows Media
    * DivX
    * MP3 and PCM .wav files
    * AVISynth script files
    * Still images including .bmp, .tga, .tif, .png, and .jpg
    * Watch folder function for automated encoding

Target Formats

    * Grass Valley DV
    * Grass Valley HQ
    * Microsoft DV
    * H.264
    * Dolby Digital
    * iPod (MPEG-4)
    * Most Video for Windows codecs
    * Most DirectShow codecs
    * Most QuickTime codecs
    * MPEG-1, MPEG-2 (using Canopus codec)
    * VOB (DVD-video image)
    * ACM codecs
    * Macromedia Flash video
    * Windows Media
    * RealVideo
    * MP3 and PCM .wav files

Video Filters

    * 601 to 709 color correction (ITU-R BT 601 SD to ITU-R BT 709-5 HD)
    * 709 to 601 color correction (ITU-R BT 709-5 HD to ITU-R BT 601 SD)
    * 601 correction—expand color space
    * 601 correction—shrink color space
    * Adaptive de-interlace
    * Bitmap keying
    * Black/white correction Blur
    * Circular blur
    * Color correction
    * Color safe
    * Crop
    * Fade in/out
    * Gamma correction
    * Gaussian blur Median
    * Pulldown
    * Rotate
    * Sharpen
    * Temporal noise reducer

Audio Filters

    * Lowpass
    * Normalize
    * Volume

Minimum System Requirements

    * Intel Celeron, Intel Pentium III, Intel Pentium 4, AMD Athlon, AMD Athlon XP or AMD Duron processor, 800 MHz CPU or faster (multiprocessor and hyper-threading support included)
    * 256 MB RAM (512 MB of RAM required for HD encoding)
    * 80 MB free disk space
    * DirectX 9.0 or later
    * Operating System:
          o Windows 7 (32-bit or 64-bit)
          o Windows Vista (SP1 or later, 32-bit)
          o Windows XP (SP3 or later, 32-bit)
    * One free USB port (1.1 or higher)

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