Fujinon UA80x9 BESM 1.2EXT High magnification 2/3” zoom lens

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high magnification zoom lens achieving a telephoto focal length of 864mm with a 1.2x extender in addition to the “FUJINON UA80x9” released last year. Both of these products are high-performance zoom lenses capable of obtaining excellent image quality with a resolution exceeding 4K, high contrast, and high dynamic range. Fujifilm will promote these high-performance lenses as part of the “4K Plus Premier” Series

The market needs for 4K footage are rapidly expanding, as seen through the worldwide shipment of 31.6 million units of 4K televisions, a year-on-year increase of approximately 2.7x in 2015. Requirements for 4K are expected to further increase in the future. Currently, needs are also increasing in the frontline of TV production to shoot dynamic footage in high resolution, such as massive landscapes and panoramic views of sports stadiums in wide-angle, zoom tight for powerful sports impact as well as footage of subsequent interviews close to the subject.

The “UA80x9 1.2x EXT” is a high-magnification zoom lens with a built-in 1.2x extender in addition to the current “UA80x9” which has won a high reputation. Even when using the 1.2x extender, a resolution exceeding 4K, high contrast and high dynamic range are achieved across the entire zoom range up to a focal length of 864mm. Shooting scenes can be further expanded, such as in sports broadcasts.

FUJINON lenses by Fujifilm are known for advanced descriptive performance, contributing to the evolution of imaging through their use in the production of TV programs, movies and commercials across the world. Fujifilm will continue to tap into its optical, high precision forming and assembling technologies that have been nurtured over many years to develop and supply innovative products that address the diversifying needs of broadcast production.

1) Unsurpassed advanced optical performance under any shooting conditions

  • The floating focus system, which controls multiple lens groups according to the shooting distance, minimizes performance variations caused by the change of shooting distance to deliver high resolution from close-up to infinity. It is combined with a unique zoom system that minimizes aberrations across the entire zoom range to achieve advanced resolution exceeding 4K, high contrast, and high dynamic range under any shooting conditions.
  • Applies Fujifilm's proprietary multi-layer coating processing, known as “HT-EBC (High Transmittance Electron Beam Coating)”, further improving transmittance and color reproducibility.

2) Equipped with a 12x extender to achieve further telephoto shooting with a resolution exceeding 4K.

  • When using the built-in 1.2x extender, ranges from a wide angle of 10.8mm to a telephoto range of 864mm can be covered, contributing to the production of dynamic footage with a resolution exceeding 4K, such as in sports broadcasting.

3) Achieving natural bokeh with the adoption of nine aperture blades

  • An aperture shape close to that of a circle is achieved by adopting nine aperture blades, allowing for footage expressions making use of a more natural bokeh.

4) Equipped with popular image-stabilization mechanism

  • Equipped with Fujifilm's proprietary “optical stabilization mechanism,” popular with current high magnification zoom lenses. Image blur due to platform shaking is corrected, achieving a stable image.

5) Equipped with 16-bit encoder

  • The lens comes with the 16-bit encoder, capable of making a high-resolution output of lens data including zoom and focal position information. It can be linked with various other systems such as a virtual studio system for combining CG images with live action footage.
Model nameUA80x9BE SM-S35E
Camera specifications2/3-inch sensor Bayonet-mount cameras
Focal length9mm - 720mm 
10.8mm - 864mm when using the 1.2x extender 
18mm - 1440mm when using the 2x extender
Zoom ratio80 X
F-No.1.7 (9mm - 350mm) 3.5 (720mm) 
2.0 (10.8mm - 420mm) 4.2 (864mm) when using the 1.2x extender
Minimum object distance 
Subject dimensions 
(at the M.O.D)
[Horizontal x Vertical]
9mm 3301mm x 1968mm 
720mm 43mm x 24mm
10.8mm 3009mm x 1692mm 
864mm 37mm x 21mm 
when using the 1.2x extender
Angle of view 
[Horizontal x Vertical]
9mm 56°06′ x 33°20′ 
720mm 0°46′ x 0°26′
10.8mm 47°53′ x 28°01' 
864mm 0°38′ x 0°21′ 
when using the 1.2x extender
18mm 29°50′ x 17°02′ 
1440mm 0°23′ x 0°13′ 
when using the 2x extender
Size (H x W x L)258mm x 264mm x 610mm
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