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The HVS-100 and the HVS-110, portable video switchers, boast exceptional cost performance. Both mixers inherit and improve upon the diverse functions and features of the popular HVS-300HS, including mixed HD/SD input, frame synchronizing, re-sizing engine, 2.5D wipe effects, DVE, Chroma keyer and DSK. The HVS-100 and HVS-110 also have a built-in Web server that lets you change settings from a PC or a tablet. A clip memory feature has been added to the still store to support playback of video or animations and enhances productions through the use of CG wipes, while the multi-viewer meets a diverse range of monitoring needs. The equipment can be used in all types of locations, including live events, sports, news studios, OB vans, editorial offices and presentation venues, making it the ideal tool for shaping the imaginative ideas of video creators.

Product Line-up

The HVS-100/110 come in two models: one with separate main unit and control panel, and one with compact, integrated design, both of which can be adapted to a wide variety of applications and operation configurations.

HVS-100 Separated Main Unit/Control Panel Type

The control panel has been laid out specifically with professionals in mind with a design that leverages the knowledge of expert operators. It includes dedicated bus buttons, AUX buttons, a fader controller and direct user buttons for various functions. The main unit offers exceptional expandability to facilitate the addition of a redundant power source unit and various input/output cards.

HVS-110 Integrated Main Unit/Control Panel Type

Featuring operability almost on par with the HVS-100, the HVS-110 also boasts a compact design enabling simple portability. The inclusion of ample video input and output functionality, making it ideal for use in small broadcasting vans and broadcasting helicopters. Despite being portable, a redundant power source is also possible using an optional AC adaptor.

Standard 8, Maximum 14 Inputs; Standard 4 + 1, Maximum 9 outputs (HVS-100) 12 Inputs; 8 + 1 Outputs (HVS-110)


8 HD/SD SDI inputs, 4 HD/SD SDI outputs and 1 HDMI output come as standard. Mixed HD/SD input is supported in the standard configuration. The 5 outputs can all be freely assigned. Three slots enable various inputs and outputs to be added, such as analog component, analog composite, HDMI, and VGA in addition to more HD/SD-SDI.



12 HD/SD SDI inputs, 8 HD/SD SDI outputs and 1 HDMI output come as standard. Mixed HD/SD input is supported in the standard configuration. The 9 outputs can all be freely assigned.

Frame Synchronizers

Every input in the HVS-100 and 8 inputs in the HVS-110 are fitted with frame synchronizers that enable switching of synchronous and asynchronous video signals. Installation of optional expansion cards supports asynchronous picture input from PCs, etc. Each input is also equipped with a process amplifier capable of adjusting the video level and chroma level, etc. of the input signal.

Re-sizing Engine

Up-resizing engines are provided on 4 of the standard inputs. This achieves a fully mixed SD/HD environment with the switcher alone. The optional input cards also have re-sizing engine. This is readily suitable for re-sizing not only SD signals but also PC video.

2 Keyers and 2 DSKs

Further proof of the power of these new small mixers is that they come as standard with 2 keyers, 2 DSKs and 4 powerful 2.5D DVE engines. An advanced, high quality Chroma keyer can be assigned to any one of the two M/E Keyers or two Downstream Keyers. The 4 powerful DVE engines, can be assigned to any keyer or used for transitions etc, and with their standard 2.5D ability, allows flexible creativity for the operator to enhance productions.

Abundant Transitions and DVEs

Cut, mix and wipe can be chosen for the transition. Diverse DVE wipes include 100 2.5D wipe patterns. Along with wipes, effects like mosaic and defocus are also provided.

2 Still/Clip Stores

Powerful, high capacity clip stores are now a standard feature. Each store can hold up to 227 frames of HD video. Images can be recorded and played back from incoming video or PGM o/p, or animations transferred over FTP (.bmp, .jpeg, .tga sequences). Clip store images can be used as CG wipe transitions, to further enhance possibilities and add production value. In addition, should both stores be used for clips, then still images can still be used as well, by the standard feature of using some of the inputs as still stores.

2/4/5/7/9/10/11/16 Split Multi Viewer

Display channels can be freely assigned, allowing assignment of not only input source but also PGM output. Each channel offers title display and tally display functions.

Event Memory and User Button

The main unit is equipped with an event memory function allowing up to 100 events to be stored. Event memories can be simply recalled by the user buttons. Mixer set-ups and useful operational tools such as key set up, DVE position/size etc can all be stored in event memories. Operators can freely set the transition time and effect for loading events. By setting up in advance, event memories can bring extra power and creativity, simply by pressing buttons during the live event. User buttons can also be used for many other features, such as instant navigation to a selectable menu page, or grab a still, or send a GPI, or preview a key etc as well as many other functions to make life easier in a live production.

Macro Function

A macro function enables you to store and register a series of operations and then perform complicated operations with one push of a button.

Freely Assignable DSK

The 2 Downstream keyers can be assigned to either the M/E PGM, M/E PST or an AUX output. As we also include the ability to mix on an Aux crosspoint selection, the Aux outputs can effectively and creatively be used to do away with the need for multiple M/Es, when creating different outputs for different screens or feeds at a live venue.

External Interfaces

External interfaces include GPI port supporting up to 24 inputs/outputs and two RS-422 ports as standard. The RS-422 ports support for connecting an HVS-30RU remote unit, tally expansion boxes, device specific VDCP, VTR, MFR routers, or TSL. An Ethernet port is used during PC control. An editor interface option allow to connect to an editor/automation system or other external control system.

GUI Control Function via Web Browser

An in-built Web server enables the settings of the HVS-100 and HVS-110 to be changed from a PC via a network. Mobile and tablet terminals can also be used through a wireless access point.

Redundant Power Supply

An optional redundant power supply unit enables doubling-up of power source (redundant AC adaptor for the HVS-110). An enlarged fan and improved exhaust process guarantee quiet operation.

4K (Ultra-HD) Switcher Capability

The HVS-100 and HVS-110 can be used as 4K switchers with HVS-100EXP3G. HVS-100 supports 2 inputs/1 output (expandable to 3 inputs/2 outputs with optional Input/Output cards). HVS-110 supports 3 inputs/2 outputs. In conjuction with MFR series, 4K input channels can be expanded. Cut and mix are provided as transitions.


  • Safety area marker display
  • Color bar generator
  • Mat generator, etc.

1. Small mobile and Up-Link production trucks

The compact HVS-100/110 are perfect for small mobile video production or Up-Link where the space is limited. These switchers offer a rich feature set perfect for live or recorded production. With integrated frame synchronizers and multi viewer, the HVS-100/110 can reduce the amount of equipment required in the truck. The included web control offers new possibilities for control, including remote control of the switcher over IP.

2. Live staging / Event production

The combination of the HVS-100/110’ portability and rich feature set makes them the best suited switchers for live applications where systems need to be set up temporarily in a short time. Advanced AUX allows multiscreen staging with effects. You can reduce the number of switchers and streamline system operation, keeping everything simple and easy for everyone.

3. Small broadcasting environments

The HVS-100/110 can be the main switcher for: Small Broadcasting Stations, cable TV stations, Internet television providers and satellite studios. The advanced features and programmability of HVS-100/110 allow you to create high quality content without any compromise. FOR-A’s manufacturing quality ensures a reliable solution for live programming.

4. House of Worship

The HVS-100/110 are ideal switchers for House of Worship where easy operation and multi-screen production is required. Easy and simple operation on the control panel or intuitive GUI will allow seasoned operators or volunteers to produce excellent results. Lyrics can be shown in different languages on sub screens from the main screen using the advanced AUX function. You do not need to be a professional operator to create attractive and impressive video production scenes, if you have the HVS-100/110 system.

5. Sub screens

For large studios with on-set monitors or projection systems, the HVS-100/110 can provide an easy method to send content to several monitors with individual keying and advanced transitions. Instructional, reference and other types of images can be displayed on studio monitors for studio audiences. Advanced AUX allows different characters to be displayed over multiple monitors, or images to be switched with different transitions.

6. Flypack

The HVS-100/110 are the perfect solution for Flight Pack system due to their small size and reliability in a tough environment. The switchers built in frame syncs and multi viewer means fewer items are required in a compact system. Our advanced features including 4 keyers, chroma key and 4 DVEs means a portable system can rival a full studio production.

7. Multi Channel delivery

Major Broadcasters who provide internet based ‘second screen’ content for major events will love this series of switchers. The assignable keys with individual sizing means individual program or AUX outputs can be scaled for different resolutions including: smartphone, computer, tablet or television. In addition, multiple panels can be connected to HVS-100/110 units via web browser and each screen separately controlled.

8. Corporate production

Many scenes in a corporate environment require the use of video production equipment such as at product launch events or general board meetings. Putting together full-featured systems involving huge budgets as well as hiring professional operators should be avoided. The HVS-100 optional computer input card allows PowerPoint and other computer presentations to be easily integrated with live cameras. Animated logos and advanced CG wipes can add a professional polish to corporate events.

9. Education

As classroom teaching material or video system equipment in auditoriums or presentation facilities, video production equipment can now be found everywhere in educational institutions. The affordable price point, compactness and ease-of-operation of HVS-100/110 video switchers make them the ideal solution for educational purposes, without the need for professional operators to ensure smooth operation.

10. 4K production

Heading toward the fast-approaching 4K era, are you having a difficult time deciding on products to purchase today? The answer lies in HVS-100/110 HD/SD-SDI switchers that support 4K upgrades. You can use the units as HD/SD-SDI switchers in your current system and when the 4K requirement arrives, just upgrade the system to 4K. Moreover, even in a 4K system, the units can be used as an emergency switcher. We guarantee our HVS-100/110 switchers will always provide you with everything you need under any environment.

Video Formats1080/59.94i, 1080/50i, 1080/29.97PsF, 1080/25PsF, 1080/24PsF, 1080/23.98PsF, 720/59.94p, 720/50p
1080/59.94p and 1080/50p Level-A (HVS-100EXP3G)
525/60 (NTSC), 625/50 (PAL)
Video InputHD-SDI: 1.5 Gbps or SD-SDI: 270 Mbps, 75Ω, BNC x 8 
(FSs on 8 inputs, resize engines on 4 inputs)
HD-SDI: 1.5 Gbps or SD-SDI: 270 Mbps, 75Ω, BNC x 12 
(FSs on 8 inputs, resize engines on 4 inputs)
Video Inputs (optional)*HVS-100DI-A
HD-SDI: 1.5 Gbps or SD-SDI: 270 Mbps, 75Ω, BNC x 4 (FSs 4ch, resize engines 2ch (out of 4 inputs))
3G-SDI: 3 Gbps
HD analog component, SD analog component, analog composite
HDMI: XGA to WUXGA (1080i), XGA to SXGA (720p), VGA to XGA (SD)
*HDCP-incompatible at all resolutions
RGB: XGA to WUXGA (1080i), XGA to SXGA (720p), VGA to XGA (SD)
Number of InputsStandard: HD-SDI x 8 / Max.: Refer to “I/O Expansion Card Configuration.”Standard: HD-SDI x 12
Video OutputHD-SDI: 1.5 Gbps or SD-SDI: 270 Mbps, 75Ω, BNC x 4, HDMI x 1HD-SDI: 1.5 Gbps or SD-SDI: 270 Mbps, 75Ω, BNC x 8, HDMI x 1
Video Output (optional)HVS-100DO
HD-SDI: 1.5 Gbps or SD-SDI: 270 Mbps, 75Ω, BNC x 2
3G-SDI: 3 Gbps
HD analog component, SD analog component, analog composite
RGB: SXGA to WUXGA/HDTV (1080i), SXGA to WXGA/HDTV (720p), SVGA (SD)
Number of Video OutputsStandard: HD-SDI x 4, HDMI x 1 / Max.: Refer to 
“I/O Expansion Card Configuration.”
Standard: HD-SDI x 8, HDMI x 1
Signal Processing4: 2: 2: 4, digital component
QuantizationHD/SD-SDI: 10-bit
EffectWIPE: 100 patterns, border and softness / 2.5D DVE: 56 patterns or more DVE WIPEs
TransitionAvailable controller: Fader controller, AUTO or CUT button / Type: MIX or WIPE (DVE included)
Still/Clip Store2 channels (with backup feature). Each store can hold up to 227 frames of HD video
Keyer/DSK4 channels (KEYER x 2 + DSK x 2), includes 2D DVE that can be freely assigned
An advanced, high quality chroma keyer can be assigned to any one of the two Keyers or two DSKs.
Multi-viewer2/4/5/7/9/10/11/16-way split views with title, tally and audio level meter display and 1 frame delay for PGM output
Proc. Amp.
Equipped with all inputs
Event Memory100 events (complementary transition available when loading events)
Macro Function30 commands (up to 230 series of operations can be registered per command)
Genlock InputBB: NTSC: 0.429 Vp-p/PAL: 0.45 Vp-p or Tri-level Sync: 0.6 Vp-p, 75Ω, BNC x 1, loop-through (to be terminated with 75Ω terminator, if unused)
System Phase AdjustHorizontal: -1/2H to +1/2H
Genlock OutputBB: NTSC: 0.429 Vp-p / PAL: 0.45 Vp-p or Tri-level Sync: 0.6 Vp-p, 75Ω, BNC x 1
I/O Delay1H (minimum delay)
0 to 1 frames +1H (when FS or re-size engine used)
1 to 2 frames +1H (when FS or re-size engine plus DVE used)
2 to 3 frames +1H (when FS or re-size engine plus output resize engine and DVE used)
External MemoryUSB flash drive
InterfaceEthernet (10Base-T/100Base-TX): RJ-45 x 1
TO OU: RJ-45 x 1
GPI-IN/OUT: 25-pin D-sub (female) x 1 (24 inputs/24 outputs), TTL negative logic pulse or Make-contact
RS-422: 9-pin D-sub (female) x 2 (for the HVS-30RU and tally unit connection or EDITOR port (BVS-3000 and GVG-100 protocols)
Interface (optional)
ARCNET: 75Ω, BNC x 2, loop-through (to be terminated with 75Ω terminator, if unused.) (for control panel and AUX remote panel connection)
Temperature / Humidity0°C to 35°C / 10% to 90% (no condensation)
Power / ConsumptionHVS-100: 100 V AC to 240 V AC ±10%, 50/60 Hz / Approx. 120 W (incl. optional cards: Approx. 200W)
HVS-100OU: 100 V AC to 240 V AC ±10%, 50/60 Hz / Approx. 14 W
100 V AC to 240 V AC ±10%, 50/60 Hz / Approx. 120 W
Dimensions / WeightHVS-100: Approx. 430 (W) x 88 (H) x 225 (D) mm / Approx. 5 kg
(incl. optional cards: Approx. 7 kg at most)
HVS-100OU: Approx. 420 (W) x 87.2 (H) x 246 (D) mm / Approx. 2.6 kg
Approx. 420 (W) x 129.3 (H) x 246 (D) mm / Approx. 4 kg
ConsumablesPower supply unit (to be replaced every 5 years), Cooling fan (to be replaced every 6 years)
AccessoriesCD-ROM (user's manual), Quick setup guide, AC cord, Rack mount brackets for main unit, MU-OU connection cable (10 m)CD-ROM (user's manual), Quick setup guide, AC power adaptor
OptionsFor details, see "Options" in the body text.


Model NameFeatures
Options for the HVS-100
HVS-100DI-AHD/SD-SDI Input Card
HVS-100AIAnalog Video Input Card
HVS-100PCIPC (HDMI/VGA) Input Card
HVS-100DOHD/SD-SDI Output Card
HVS-100AOAnalog Video Output Card
HVS-100PCOPC (HDMI/VGA) Output Card
HVS-100PSM/100PSORedundant Power Supply Unit
Options for the HVS-110
HVS-110PSMRedundant Power Supply Unit
Options for the HVS-100 and 110
Tally Interface Unit
HVS-AUX8/AUX16AUX Remote Control Panel
HVS-30RURemote Control Panel
HVS-100EXP3G3 Gbps Expansion Software
HVS-100EDEditor Interface Software
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