Dedolight SPS5 5-Light-Kit w Softcase

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2DLH1x150SSoft light head, 100 W / 150 W tungsten, low voltage
2HTP150SHigh temperature resistant pouch for DLH1x150S
2DT24-1EPower supply 1 x 24 V / 150 W (230 / 240 V AC)
1DSBSXSdedoflex mini soft box
1DLGRIDXSGrid (40°), fits mini soft box
1DSBSSdedoflex silver dome, small
1DLGRIDSGrid (40°), fits small silver dome
3DLHM4-300Light head, 24 V / 150 W tungsten, with built-in transformer 
3DPLSLight shield ring
3DBD8Standard barn door (eight leaves)
3DFHGel filter holder
1DGWGel filter set, warm tone (fits Classic Series filter holder)
1DGMBGel filter set, mixed blue (fits Classic Series filter holder)
1DGMDGel filter set, mixed diffusion (fits Classic Series filter holder)
1DGCOLGel filter set, color effect (fits Classic Series filter holder)
1DSCKScrim kit (includes all Classic Series scrims)
1DSCPScrim pouch
1DP1.1Imager projection attachment with 85 mm lens
1DPGHSteel gobo holder (size 'M')
1GM-GMAS10-MGobo set (six popular steel gobos, size 'M')
1CLAMP1dedolight clamp
1DSTFXFlexible stand extension (510 mm)
5DSTdedolight stand
2DLBOXPlastic box
6DL150Halogen lamp 24 V / 150 W, blackened
4DL150-NBHalogen lamp 24 V / 150 W
1DSC2/2-200Soft case, medium
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