Century 0VS-MFSY-DVX (VS-MFSY-DVX) Cine-style Manual Focus

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Century 0VS-MFSY-DVX (VS-MFSY-DVX & VSMFSYDVX) Cine-style Manual Focus for AG-DVX 100/100A/B / For Panasonic AG-DVX100A/B

An industry first! Our user-markable white Delrin focus scale and witness mark that facilitate accurate and repeatable focusing. The unit simply clamp mounts over the lens' existing focus scales & no lens modification required.

The effective lock-out mechanism limits the lens' focus range to 3-feet to Infinity with hard limit stops. Also included is an industry standard-pitch follow-focus gear to facilitate integration with popular professional cine-style follow-focus systems.

Installation instructions

1. Place white footage scale around camera lens, screw holes toward rear.
2. Slip focus gear over the front focus ring of camera.
3. When gear is flush with the focus ring, tighten clamp.
4. Slip white footage scale over the focus gear clamp and screw in two flat head screws.
5. Take split witness ring and place it behind the focus gear, so that the lock is under the mic, insert and tighten the two M2 screws.

1. Move lockout knob to Macro
2. Rotate focus gear CW (looking from the front) until scale on the LCD reaches 99.
3. Move the Macro knob back to the lockout position.
4. Rotate the focus gear CCW until it stops.

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