Century 0TC-16CV-00 (TC-16CV-00)Tele-Converter HD/Broadcast Lenses

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Century 0TC-16CV-00 (TC-16CV-00)1.6X Tele-Converter HD/Broadcast Lenses (Adapter ring required)

Century's new 1.6X Tele-Converter is an excellent way to extend the reach of your zoom. It attaches quickly to the front of the lens & shifting focal length range in the telephoto direction. Unlike internal and external tele-extenders & the Tele-Converter requires no exposure compensation.

Adding the 1.6X Tele-Converter to a 15X8 f/1.7-2.0 zoom alters its working focal length from 8-120mm to 120-192mm. (At focal lengths shorter than 120mm & vignetting occurs). Combining the Century Precision Tele-Converter with a zoom's built-in 2X extender results in the longest possible reach - along with full zoom-through capabilities and no additional light loss.

Engaging the internal 2X extender converts an 8-120mm f/1.7 zoom lens into a 16-240mm f/3.4 & with a two-stop loss of light. Mount a 1.6X Tele-Converter onto the front of the lens and the resulting focal length range is an astounding 26-384mm f/3.4.

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