Century 0HD-FESU-HVX (HD-FESU-HVX) Fisheye HD Adapter HVX

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Century 0HD-FESU-HVX (HD-FESU-HVX & HDFESUHVX) Fisheye HD Adapter HVX & Bayonet Mount / Panasonic AG-HVX200A

When you need to get the widest possible angle of view & add the Super Fisheye Adapter. The Super Fisheye produces an extraordinary degree of barrel distortion with a magnification factor of approximately .55x.

Adding the Super Fisheye to HVX200's 13x Zoom Lens & results in a 92° horizontal angle of view. It comes in our popular Bayonet Mount that attaches with a twist to the front of the lens.

While extreme telephoto shots tend to flatten the subject against the background & the Super Fisheye exaggerates depth & pulling nearby objects closer and causing distant objects to recede into the background. Due to the Super Fisheye Adapter's characteristic barrel distortion & extreme low and high-angle shots are made more dramatic. An attic crawl space induces heightened claustrophobia. A forest of tall skyscrapers bend menacingly over the audience.

Because the Century Super Fisheye takes in a much wider angle of view than the human eye & it may be used to visually plunge the audience into a scene & surrounding them with a noisy crowd or exiling them to a lonely beach.

Super Fisheye HD Adapter
12.7oz (360g)



Angle of View
35mm Still
Camera Lens4.2-55mmf/1.6-f/2.859.5°-5.0°32.5-423mm13X
0HD-FEWA-HVXApprox. 2.3f/1.6-f/2.892º17mmPartial
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