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The Canon WFT-E6 Wireless File Transmitter has been launched alongside the Canon EOS-1D X DSLR to offer the ability to wirelessly transmit images from your camera to a computer – it gives enhanced remote capture & media server functionality & linked shooting & plus built-in Bluetooth connection functionality.

The new WFT-E6 unit takes the WiFi possibilities with the EOS-1D X to a new level by offering advantages such as 802.11a/b/g and n compatibility & DLNA compliance & FTP & EOS Utility and WFT Server shooting & as well as Linked Shooting for remote shutter triggering of other WiFi-enabled EOS-1D X cameras.

IEEE 802.11a & 802.11b & 802.11g and 802.11n compatibility

Linked shooting

Digital Living Network Alliance (DNLA) compatible

WFT Server shooting

EOS Utility Mode

Built-in Bluetooth transceiver

Wireless Time Syncing

WiFi Protected Setup (WPS)

Internal antenna with range of approximately 150 metres

Dust and drip-proof construction to match the EOS-1D X



Great for sports and news photographers the WFT-E6 unit will allow rapid transfer of images to an access point and out to a picture desk. However, It is not just for news and sports photographers as studio photographers will enjoy the ability to see previews of their images on a large screen by transmitting JPEGs to their computer. Travel, landscape and wildlife photographers will like the built-in Bluetooth compatibility that allows them to use a Bluetooth connection to a GPS device for geo-tagging, and those photographers who like experimenting with technology to push the boundaries of what is possible will find the linked shooting and advanced WFT Server modes especially appealing.
The WFT-E6 transmitter offers high-speed wireless file transfer via three transmission modes for connection to other devices. FTP is used to transfer images to an FTP server. EOS Utility mode allows two-way communication between the camera and a computer (as if they were connected by a LAN or USB cable), and WFT Server mode allows a web browser to view images stored on the memory card.
Continuing the capability first available in Canon’s EOS 7D DSLR, the WFT-E6 offers the ability to remotely trigger other EOS-1D X cameras fitted with WFT-E6 units. This means that a master camera fitted with a WFT-E6 can control up to 10 slave cameras that are also fitted with WFT-E6, WFT-E2 II, WFT-E4 II or WFT-E5 units – they can be triggered from the master camera from up to 100 metres away. In this way, you can capture an image of a subject from several different viewpoints at the same time. The lag between triggering the master camera and the slave cameras firing is around 0.05sec, and is the same whether the master camera is positioned 1m or 100m from the slave cameras.
With the use of the WFT-E6’s built-in WFT Server the EOS-1D X can be controlled wirelessly over an HTTP connection using a web browser. This means you can see what your camera sees and control the settings and shooting functions through a web browser (or a device like a smart phone or tablet). You can also browse and download captured images.
A new development for WFT server functions is Linkage with WFT Server. This combines the benefits of both Linked shooting and WFT Server, so that each of the remote linked cameras can be browsed independently and have their settings changed. Equally, if the master camera is triggered over WFT Server all of the linked slave cameras will trigger as well.
To help to conserve the battery life of the EOS-1D X, the WFT-E6 features a power-saving option. If ‘LAN power save’ is set to ‘Enable’ in the camera menu, the WFT-E6 will complete any remaining image transfers, log off the remote FTP server and then set itself into a sleep state. This stops the connection remaining active needlessly and wasting battery power.
In a first for the EOS range and WFT units, the WFT-E6 has built-in Bluetooth functionality so that, instead of using a Bluetooth dongle with the WFT unit, the WFT-E6 unit can communicate directly with a Bluetooth GPS device to allow automatic geo-tagging of images within the EXIF data.
Because the EOS-1D X has its own built-in RJ-45 LAN connector, the WFT-E6 doesn’t need another one – this means the unit is smaller and lighter than any previous Canon Wireless File Transmitter.


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