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The TS-E 24 mm f/3.5L II has been refined to deliver superb image quality right to the edges of the frame. Independent rotation of the tilt and shift mechanisms permits maximum creative freedom.




  • 24mm tilt and shift lens
  • Low distortion and high resolution
  • ± 8.5° tilt and ±12mm shift
  • Independent tilt and shift movements
  • Aspherical and UD lens elements
  • Circular aperture
The high performance & wide-angle lens with exceptional tilt and shift range.

TS-E 24mm f/3.5 L II includes Lens Hood - EW88B & Lens Case LP1319 &  compatible with Filter Size - 82mm  (L type lens)


Photographers specialising in architectural work have very specific requirements – high image quality, lens moments and a lack of distortion. For years, the TS-E24mm f/3.5L USM lens has been the lens of choice for this sort of work. However, it has now been replaced with an even better version that offers higher image quality and more versatility with the new lens movements available. With a 74degree horizontal field-of-view and the ability to shift the lens +/-12mm and tilt +/-8.5° it offers the chance to capture an entire building and ensure the depth of field and perspective are exactly as required. This has been created by an even larger than previous image circle allowing for greater lens movements. 

With the move to higher and higher pixel counts in digital sensors, photographers who previously would have shot on large format camera for the resolution and camera movements are now seeing the benefits of smaller, lighter, more versatile and more portable 35mm cameras that offer enough image data to fulfil their needs. The TS-E24mm f/3.5L II lens makes that transition even easier as you don’t need to give up the camera movements simply because it’s a 35mm camera. 

New in the TS-E24mm f/3.5L II lens is the ability to rotate the tilt and shift mechanisms relative to each other. With previous tilt and shift lenses, the factory default was to have the tilt aligned at 90degrees to the shift. While it is possible to align them so they are in the same plane, it required a trip to the service centre to have it done by one of the technicians. Now you can choose on a shot-by-shot basis how you want either the tilt or shift aligned relative to the subject and the other lens movement for the most creative control. 

With a wideangle 24mm focal length and +/-8.5° of tilt available, plus +/-12mm shift and +/-90° of rotation on both the tilt and the shift mechanisms, the TS-E24mm f/3.5L II offers exceptional flexibility. The TS-E24 mm f/3.5L II also feature locks on the tilt and shift mechanisms to ensure that unwanted movements are avoided. 

To achieve outstanding edge-to-edge resolution and low distortion, a high precision large diameter moulded glass aspherical lens is used. To minimise chromatic aberration common in wideangle shooting three UD elements are used. These features make the lens especially suited to landscape and architectural photography. 

Canon L series lenses are built to withstand regular use in the most testing environments. Weather and dust seals provide added protection, and a lens hood and pouch are also included in the package.

 Expanding the possibilities for tilt and shift photography

The TS-E 24 mm f/3.5L II allows tilt and shift movements to be made independently of each other. This means perspective and depth of field can be controlled separately, vastly enhancing lens flexibility.

Widest range of movement
A wide-angle focal length of 24mm, combined with ±8.5° of tilt and ±12mm shift makes the TS-E 24mm f/3.5L II a versatile optic. Furthermore, ±90° of rotation on both the tilt and the shift mechanisms is available. The lens also features locks on the tilt and shift mechanisms to ensure unwanted movements are avoided.

High precision lens elements
A high-precision, large-diameter moulded glass aspherical lens element gives outstanding edge-to-edge resolution and low distortion. Chromatic aberration – common in wide-angle shooting – is combated by four UD (ultra low-dispersion) elements.

Subwavelength structure coating
Designed for use in digital photography, Canon’s patented lens element coating helps minimise the ghosting and flare caused by internal reflection and helps to deliver crisp, clear images.

Robust build quality
Canon L-series lenses are built to withstand regular use in the most testing environments. Weather and dust seals provide added protection. A lens hood and pouch are also included.

Lead-free optics
Environmentally friendly lead-free glass is used throughout the construction of the TS-E 24mm f/3.5L II.


TS-E 24mm f/3.5L II


Product Specification
Angle of view (horzntl, vertl, diagnl)74º
Lens construction (elements/groups)16/11
No. of diaphragm blades8
Minimum aperture22
Closest focusing distance (m)0.21
Maximum magnification (x)0.34
Distance informationYes
Filter diameter (mm)82
Max. diameter x length (mm)88.5 x 106.9
Weight (g)780
Magnification - Extension Tube EF12 II0.85-0.51¹
Magnification - Extension Tube EF25 II1.47-1.12
Lens hoodEW-88B
Soft caseLP1319

Magnification - Extension Tube EF12 II

¹ Extension Tube EF12 II can be used with EF lenses except the EF 14mm f/2.8L USM and lenses which cannot be focused manually.

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