Canon ACV-235 Anamophic convertor for HDec

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Canon's ACV-235 Anamorphic Converter is the world’s first Anamorphic converter developed for the 2/3” image size HDTV format. It creates an anamorphic 2.35:1 image on a 2/3 inch chip HD camera.

The ACV-235 optically compresses a CinemaScope© size image (2.35:1 aspect ratio) to the HD-EC 16:9 aspect ratio (1.78:1). This allows for a CinemaScope© (2.35:1) size image to be recorded by an HD Electronic Cinematography camera.

Until now & the only way to produce a CinemaScope size image was to cut off the top and bottom portions of the original 16:9 recorded image. Doing that will decrease the resolution of the original 16:9 image & which becomes very apparent when projected on a large screen. The Canon ACV-235 utilizes the whole CCD size producing 1.3 times more picture resolution when projected on a large screen compared to the previous conversion method discussed.

The ACV-235 really shows off its high optical performance & especially when it is used in conjunction with Canon’s HD-EC Lens Series. It accepts prime or zoom lenses. Fit the converter between your 2/3 inch chip HD camera and 2/3 inch HD lens and get a 2.35:1 anamorphic image on you 2/3 inch chip camera.

What you see in the viewfinder and on your monitor is what you will see on the 2.35 screen. It's a true CinemaScope© size image with no compromise to image quality. Nothing will be cut off from your frame.

This design achives a very high MTF that is optimally distributed across the image plane. Combined with the superb contrast perforamnce and remarkably well controlled light distribution characteristic & the resulting picture sharpness contributes to imagery of extraordinary clarity.

The image is projected upside down on the CCD & which can be corrected by most HD cameras by flipping the image in the viewfinder & like the Panasonic Varicam and Sony F23. The ACV-235 is not designed to work on 35mm single chip cameras like the Panavision Genesis or Arri D20 cameras.

* The apperance of the prototype ACV-235 in the photograph may differ from the final product. Lens not inlcuded.

* Maintains even illumination across the field without vignetting

* Aspect ratio remains constant regardless of camera to subject distance

* Matches the color temperature of Canon\'s HD-EC Primes and Zooms perfectly

* Optical system is independent of master lens, no refocusing is necessary

* The resulting image is recorded upside down on your CCD. This is easily corrected with editing software

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