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Camcorders are our business. TNP Broadcast have been advising clients and selling camcorders since the early 1980s. TNP Broadcast was there when the very first Sony Betacam camcorders came into use in the broadcast industry and we were there when the very first digital camcorders were launched. Over the decades we have seen how camcorders, both budget and expensive, have evolved and developed. These days, all camcorders are digital, but camcorders from different manufacturers often have different ways of working with different toolsets.

TNP have a thorough understanding of most camcorders. We generally know what camcorders are being used to shoot any given television programme – or movie. Not only do we have extensive knowledge on the makes, models, formats, features etc., we also understand the toolsets and workflow, which means we are in a prime position to advise clients on which camcorder will suit them best – not only with regard to the format, toolset and style, but also budget.

Camcorders come in many different shapes, sizes, formats, prices etc. TNP Broadcast can advise you on, and supply, them all. Whether it’s basic digital SLR rig, larger hand-held, full size shoulder-mount, or one of the more unique modern digital camcorders, TNP Broadcast has a team of specialists with expert knowledge on today’s camcorders.

At the premises of TNP Broadcast, we also have a fully kitted out work bench with all the required monitors, scopes, testing charts and other devices that we use for checking lenses, camcorder resolution and other image quality factors. So, whatever camcorder you are thinking of buying, we can tell you things about the more detailed science of the camera. Quite often the manufacturer’s specs are not strictly accurate as the camcorders are primarily only tested in a lab environment. However, we do both; we test camcorders and lenses on our bench as well as shooting in the real world. And to cap it off, we always get client feedback. The amalgamation of these three factors means that we can give you a more accurate idea of the resolution of the camcorder, for example, so that you don’t have to rely solely on what any given manufacturer suggests in the brochure.  

We, at TNP Broadcast, know the advantages, and pitfalls, of most modern digital camcorders. Quite often there are pitfalls that the manufacturers don’t want you to know about. However, if there are any, we will typically know about them.

When the time comes for you, or your company, to upgrade or change your camcorder, or camcorder equipment, give us a call and see how we can advise you. TNP Broadcast will be here for you long after the sale has gone though, this is how we have built such a great reputation over the decades selling camcorders and camcorder equipment to repeat clients year in year out.