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The world of cameras is an ever-changing and ever-evolving one. There will never be a right time to buy a camera, because as soon as you buy a camera, its replacement is already in development and only months away from first-run prototype stage. So, what is important is that you buy the right camera for the production, or productions, that you are working on right now and in the foreseeable future. Your camera, or cameras, is part of your business equipment, and should be treated as such. Investing in the right camera now will be a safe investment for the future. Cameras are an investment for right now, for making you and your business money - today! So it is important to chose your camera equipment wisely. 

Regardless of the type of productions you specialise in, be it independent low-budget movies, feature films, corporate video, MTV music videos or TV commercials, it is important that you buy the right camera for the job. 

Today’s choice of camera has become increasingly confusing. Modern digital cameras have an overwhelming array of new and wonderful features, some you will be familiar with, and others you might not. 

Asking friends or other video producers or cameramen about cameras and what to buy isn't always the right way to go when seeking advice on the best cameras, as they will probably tell you which is the best camera for them, or their type of production and their camera kit might not be the best camera for your working style or productions. 

TNP Broadcast stock and supply most makes and models of cameras, both prosumer and broadcast professional. We don't get hung up with all the hype about any given manufacturer’s latest camera and we don't overly concern ourselves with the many debates about cameras on the numerous forums. Instead, we at TNP Broadcast only concern ourselves with the cameras that are out there getting the job done, efficiently and with the best possible image quality, both in the independent and broadcast professional sectors. 

Our concern is that our clients have the right camera or cameras for their shooting style, workflow and production type. It is also important that the camera equipment you buy will give you long trouble-free service for many years, yet be efficient in operation and pay for itself in the shortest amount of time possible. 

TNP Broadcast has been advising broadcast professionals on camera equipment since the early 1980s. Our team of dedicated broadcast experts have many years’ experience and are incredibly knowledgeable on most makes and models of cameras. We were there before the first digital camera appeared on the market and we have been there at the launch of pretty much every digital camera ever since. We have seen how digital camera technology has changed and evolved over the years. However, in some instances, a few cameras have actually gone backwards in certain areas, degrading the cameras image quality, instead of improving it. Other cameras have made the workflow three or four times faster than their previous generation, while some have hindered their usability and functionality. 

TNP Broadcast know the pros and cons, the good and the bad, the sleekness and ease of use as well as the pitfalls of most modern digital cameras, both prosumer and broadcast professional. We can tell you the things the manufacturers don’t always want the end-user to know. To be forewarned is to be forearmed. We have the knowledge and expertise to assure that you will get the right camera equipment and know all the key things there are to know about it.  


We are not interested in shifting boxes, we are interested in building up a long-term client relationship. We want you to have the right camera, both now and in the future. We have built a business on this reputation and our clients come back time and time again. We are here for you long after we have supplied you with a camera, or other broadcast production camera equipment.