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At TNP Broadcast, not only do we specialize in the visual side of broadcast and video production, we are also specialists in the audio side too. Quite often people forget that audio is just as important; in fact, we think audio is actually more important than the video. Here’s why. When a baby is developing in its mother’s womb, the ear (hence audio) is the first thing to develop. The baby’s hearing (the audio) develops long before the baby can open its eyes (the video). The hearing, hence audio, is the most sensitive of all our senses. 

Your eyes (video) are much more forgiving than your ears (audio). If you are watching a movie on tv/dvd/ or at the cinema for example, if there is a discrepancy in the image, your eyes will forgive this factor. However, if there is a discrepancy in the audio, your ears will not. Pay attention to this, next time you hear a sharp spike in the audio track of a movie, or some digital audio distortion, notice how you cringe. But if the picture suddenly goes slightly blurred or there is a shaky shot, your eyes really don’t mind at all. 

It is for this reason that audio is always used in scary movies, you know, the ones that are designed to make you jump. In these instances, it is the audio in the movie that makes you jump, not the video, as people mistakenly think. Movie-goers will often tell their friends about a scary part in a movie, and go on to explain the visual aspect of the scene, not the audio. They will never explain to you that there was a really loud and scary bang in the audio soundtrack, or one of those famously loud audio ‘stabs’ designed to make you ‘jump’. Also, these audio ‘stabs’ are put into the movie about two frames before the scary visual thing actually happens. Next time you watch a scary movie on dvd at home, mute the audio and watch the movie with no audio track, and notice how you don’t jump and do not get scared by anything. 

Most of you will probably remember the movie The Blair Witch Project, you know, the one shot by a bunch of students on Mini-DV camcorders, famous for wobbly hand-held camera work. However, the audio track was not recorded onto those same cheap Mini-DV camcorders, instead, the audio was recorded professionally onto a separate DAT machine, with lots of post-production audio work carried out during the editing stage. It is only because of the superb audio track in this movie, that it actually works, because you are hearing a great audio track so your eyes don’t mind the wobbly camera work. 

At TNP broadcast, we understand this, and all other aspects of audio and why audio is so very important to a good video, tv or movie production. But, audio is also vital for the audio track in corporate productions, training dvds and even keynote presentations. Audio is the key to professional video production. 

At TNP Broadcast, our audio and video specialists never take a day off; we’re obsessed. Whatever we watch in our own time at home, be it a movie, a documentary, a political broadcast, a tv commercial, the news, we always watch objectively and with a keen eye and ears. We are listening to the audio track and mentally soaking it all up. What kind of audio equipment and microphones could have been used, where the microphones were placed to pick up the audio of the speakers/actors, what post-production work was carried out on the audio track, dubbing of the audio track etc. At TNP Broadcast, we are always bang up-to-date with the latest audio recording techniques and equipment. We speak weekly with manufacturers of audio equipment and we often meet up with their representatives at audio shows and conventions. This assures that TNP Broadcast are continually abreast of everything that is going on in the audio world, be it audio recording techniques, or audio equipment. 


Our knowledge on all things audio and video is second to none.